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Breadshop & Deli


Benny’s Deli started out as a bakery and it is still at the heart of the business today. We produce freshly made soda, sourdoughs and yeast breads, tarts, cakes and fresh cream desserts and pastries.

Come and have a look at our bakers working in our open bakery every morning. 


Our delicatessen serves a selection of traditional clove baked ham, salads, potato cakes, rotisserie cooked chickens, pies and quiches. All of our deli products are prepared fresh on site each day.

Our specialty Mustard Glazed 'Spriral Ham on the Bone' is the only product of its type available in Ireland! 


Gluten Free

Benny’s has had a dedicated Gluten Free Bakery on site for over 5 years to meet the ever-growing demand for our wonderful range of gluten free products. We have a wide variety of products including soda breads, scones, fruit cakes and a gluten free version of our famous apple tart. All of our gluten free products are frozen fresh and the full range is available all year round.

If you would like to order a gluten free celebration cake just give us a call to place an order.

Spiral Ham

In 2013 we imported Ireland’s first Spiral Ham Slicer all the way from Fort Worth, Texas and as far as we know Benny’s Deli is still the only place in Ireland that sells spiral-sliced ham on the bone. Cooking on the bone makes a world of difference to the flavour and we bake our Spiral ham with wholegrain mustard, cloves and demerara sugar. Unlike normal ham, ham on the bone needs very little processing and is cured using a traditional brine process. The spiral slicing means that the ham can be sliced into portions that are perfect for sandwiches, salads or even lightly grilled as a meal.

Full spiral cut hams are available to order – ideal for a large gathering or event. Call in to try some today.

Apple Tarts


Everyone has their favourite product from Benny’s Deli, but the one people come far and wide for, is our famous apple tart. The secret is in the hand peeled and sliced apples. We peel about 40,000 Irish Bramley apples by hand every year!

Restaurant Quality Convenience Meals

Fancy a convenient lunch or evening meal without compromising on taste or quality? All of the freshly prepared hot meals and salads we serve in the restaurant are available to take away.


We also do a range of delicious ready meals, hand made in our kitchen. No preservatives, no additives - just delicious, fresh ingredients.

Celebration Catering

Just give us a call or drop into the shop to discuss how we can help to cater for your next special occasion. We have a range of options available including, platters, sandwiches, and celebration cakes. With some notice hot meals for large groups can be prepared including quiches, sausage rolls, pies or stews. Speak to us today to get a quote.


Christmas can be a hectic time of year for some families and at Benny’s we hope to help take the stress out of Christmas for our customers. As well as the usual products we sell all year round – we also make Christmas Cakes and Puddings, Mince Pies and Cranberry Sauce from early December.


In recent years we have also developed savoury ranges to help with the main event - Christmas dinner. Full clove baked hams are made to order and we also sell the delicious ‘cook in the bag’ turkey crown that really does take the stress out of Christmas.

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